The body of the deceased police captain was found in Chernihiv – News of Ukraine

Next to him was another policeman who was taken to intensive care

Two policemen were attacked in Chernihiv / Photo: Collage: Today

In the Masany microdistrict of the city of Chernigov on the night of October 2 passers-by found the body the deceased police captain.

The press secretary of the regional police Natalya Slabenyak told about this, transfers “Public”.

Two law enforcement officers, who were lying unconscious in the street, were found by passers-by. One policeman was dead, another was hospitalized, he is in intensive care.

The deceased and injured law enforcement officers served in the same unit. They are both in the rank of captain. And at the time of the attack they were not in service. The police identified four people who attacked the police. Two have already been detained, and they are looking for two more.

“Attempt” on the head of the State Archives in Kiev

Recently it became known that in Kiev fired on a company car Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine Anatoly Khromov. As it turned out, the man allegedly decided to shoot the birds from the balcony window, but hit a passerby in the neck.

On Preobrazhenskaya Street, doctors hospitalized driver Anatoly Khromov with a non-penetrating neck wound. The cops identified the shooter as a local resident.

As the man explained to the police, he allegedly decided to shoot with an air gun from his balcony at the birds and accidentally hit a passer-by.

A rifle and ammunition were seized from the intruder’s apartment, born in 1989, and sent for examination.

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