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“The body lives according to different rules”: after having been ill with COVID-19 for several months weird symptoms



May 20, 2020, 21:58
| Author: Inna Semina

COVID-19 symptoms returned

One of the first to talk about the periodic return of COVID-19 symptoms after illness was Professor Paul Garner.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage in the world. According to the latest data, the number of cases totals 4.81 million people, the increase over the last day amounted to 93 324 people, 1.79 million have recovered over the entire time, 319 thousand have died.

However, not all those who have undergone treatment can continue their lives as if there was no coronavirus. One of the first to report on the periodic return of COVID-19 symptoms after illness was Paul Garner, a professor at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

According to him, his illness, like many, went in a relatively mild form for 14 days. However, the symptoms of the disease returned over and over again. Garner even compared it to riding “a rollercoaster of poor health, emotional extremes and extreme fatigue.” He shared all the details of his condition on his blog for the British Medical Journal. As the professor admits, it was a frightening experience.

“I am a public person, so this is understandable. As for the virus, it clearly causes many immunological changes in the body, many strange pathologies that we still do not understand. ” – writes Garner.

Subsequently, it turned out that he was not the only one with such a problem. Many thought they were crazy.

“I found a participant in marathons. In the second week of illness she tried to run 8 km, after which she fell down with chills and slept for a whole day, ”the professor said.

One Muscovite named Elena, who recovered COVID-19 in March, also said that she had been living with coronavirus symptoms for 8.5 weeks, writes MK. However, others do not believe her, believing that the girl is winding herself. Moreover, the symptomatology has a rather extensive list: a sharp change in body temperature, “continuous” muscle pains, “wandering” throughout the body, problems with smell, and many others.

“Swing. Today is good. Tomorrow is bad. It’s full of energy, I can’t get out of bed. An hour ago, the temperature is 36.4 – and suddenly jumps to 37.1. One night I can’t fall asleep from a cough. And the next he disappears, as if he was not there. This is never like the flu. It doesn’t look like anything at all. It’s as if in some science fiction novel the virus-alien got into all the systems of the body and rebuilds, modifies, debugs them for itself, for its own needs, ”the girl describes her feelings.

According to Elena, she often wakes up from “nasty, stretching muscle pain, which moves throughout the body during the night.”

“First, my hands hurt, then my neck, left half, right, shoulder blades, right and left, and … back. The pain lingers in one of the limbs, calms down and begins its quiet journey again. I feel like a transformer. It seems that the details are the same, but the feeling that the body as a whole now lives according to other, previously unknown rules. What if this virus remains inside us forever? ”, She shares her feelings.

As Paul Garner concluded, about one out of every 20 people who had COVID-19 came back with strange, unlike anything else symptoms of coronavirus. At the same time, it is also unknown how long this will continue.

Garner drew a parallel with dengue fever, which he had also been ill with previously. According to the scientist, the symptoms of fever then tormented him for 6-9 months. He described his feelings as follows: “[Это] it’s the same as driving with a handbrake not removed for 6–9 months. ”

Tim Spector, another professor at King’s College of London, admits that of the hundreds of diseases he studied as part of a group of researchers, COVID-19 is the strangest thing he has seen in his entire medical career.

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