The body does not smoke or drink but the red light is on!Actor sighs “life is impermanent”: never know who will leave first

(Photo/Flip Lai Mingwei Facebook)

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Singer Lai Mingwei won the second championship of the singing competition show “Super Avenue of Stars”. After his debut, he formed a group “Shenmu and Hitomi” with popular star Wang Huang Meizhen and released two albums. After that, he also released his first solo channel. The album was also shortlisted for the 28th Golden Melody Award “Best Taiwanese Male Singer”. In May of last year, he revealed on Facebook that his girlfriend outside the circle of 9 years had been diagnosed with cancer and prayed for a smooth recovery. Unexpectedly, Lai Mingwei burst into health and lighted up on the 13th. He couldn’t help but sigh, “Facing an impermanent life, I will never know which one will come first tomorrow or accident, disease or success or failure.”

Lai Mingwei posted a post on Facebook on the afternoon of the 13th and pointed out that he does not smoke, drink, eat betel nuts, do not rely on drugs, and is accustomed to staying up late. “But my family has a history of hepatitis and diabetes genes, and I have only discovered that I have gout in the past two years. “Let him sigh, “Faced with an impermanent life, you will never know, tomorrow and accidents, illnesses, successes or failures, which one will come first? My dear family, my beloved partner, or myself, who will Leave first.”

Lai Mingwei also believes that health is really important. “Try to take care of yourself so that your family will not worry, face the difficulties of life with a smile, and challenge defeat with perseverance. Life is still worth exploring.” After the post was exposed, many fans Many people left messages for concern, “Come on, after hard work, you will be safe and healthy”, “Be careful with your gout diet and avoid touching seafood”, “You must take good care of your body so that you can continue to listen to your songs and see that you are glowing and hot, and then set off. Come on!”


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