The BNG calls for a thorough investigation of “corruption in the Royal Household” and to judge the Bourbons | Radio Galicia

Juan Carlos I went through Sanxenxo the weekend before leaving for the Dominican Republic where it is today, according to ABC. The abandonment of Spain of the emeritus king also leaves reactions here in Galicia, a harsh statement from the executive of the Nationalist Bloc in which they ask to thoroughly investigate the corruption of the Bourbons.

An operation devised by the regime to save the monarchy. It is the BNG reading of the abandonment of Spain by King Juan Carlos. The executive of the Bloque Nacionalista Galego has asked that the “corruption of the Royal House” is investigated “thoroughly” and that “the Bourbons” be tried for their actions, “with all the penal and political consequences.”

In a statement, the BNG considers that “solve this situation with an image operation” It will only “reaffirm the evidence that, in order to perpetuate itself, the Spanish regime chooses to continue covering up and hiding real corruption, at the expense of truth and democracy.”

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