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The Blurring Assistant Police General Djoko Tjandra is Criminal


JAKARTA – It’s fallen on the stairs. The saying goes right addressed to Brigadier General Prasetijo Pol Utomo. After being removed from his position as Head of the PPNS Coordination and Supervision Bureau (Korwas) Criminal Investigation Police, the one-star general is now criminally charged after being proven issuing a travel permit Djoko Tjandra in June 2020.

Prasetijo indeed had to bear the risk of his actions. Sadly, the threat of the suspect’s status was issued when he was lying limp in the National Police Hospital, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

At that time, Prasetijo had only been undergoing internal inspection for two days in the Professional and Security Division (Propam). However, he suddenly developed high blood pressure so he had to undergo treatment. (Also read: Mahfud No Need to Bother Turn On TPK, Just Aggressively Urge Apparatus to Capture Djoko Tjandra)

This threat to the status of the suspect was discovered after the Criminal Investigation Police issued a Notice of Commencement of Investigation (SPDP) for alleged criminal acts of forgery of a letter issued to assist Djoko.

In the SPDP it was revealed that Prasetijo helped fugitive the case of Bank Bali bills (cessie) from July 1 to 19 in Jakarta and Pontianak.

SPDP number B / 106.4a / VII / 2020 / Ditipidum was addressed to the Attorney General and signed by the Director of Criminal Acts (Dirtipidum) Criminal Investigation Police Brigadier General Ferdy Sambo on July 20, 2020.

In the letter, Dirtipidum Bareskrim Polri mentioned a number of Prasetijo’s assistance to Djoko. First, it is suspected of issuing fake letters. Second, deliberately let the person who was deprived of his freedom run away or release him, or give help when running away.

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