The Blood of the Paragons – book by Pierre Grimbert


The world of men is collapsing. And all the prayers, all the sacrifices, seem incapable of remedying it. Humanity is helplessly watching its twilight. One last thing, however, must be attempted. A madness, at the height of this desperate situation.

Each nation, each territory has thus designated its champion. Some are sages, scholars, or devotees. Others are mercenaries, adventurers or knights. There are even kings and queens… They don’t know each other, they sometimes have conflicting interests, but they were brought together to form the group of paragons. An exceptional squad whose mission represents the last chance of survival for their respective peoples.

Together, they will have to penetrate the sacred mountain, seat of the underground palace of the gods. And if they reach the Eternals, despite the legendary dangers that this place contains, they will have to convince them to save their dying world. By pleading with them… or by challenging them, if necessary.

But how many paragons will see their blood shed on the way, to allow others to continue?

Will there be one left who can prove that humanity really deserves to be saved?

Born in 1970, Pierre Grimbert, with the tremendous success of Le Secret de Ji published in 1998, changed French-speaking fantasy forever. Combining a fluid and lively style, unforgettable characters and unparalleled inventiveness, Pierre Grimbert is one of the essential authors of French-speaking fantasy.

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