The blogger created a blouse from tea bags and “brewed” in it in the bathroom


Jess Lamworth Designs Edible Clothes

During the week, the viral video was watched by about ten million people. The blogger showed the process of creating a “tea” T-shirt.

American artist and designer Jess Lamworth, who creates unusual paintings and clothes, presented a blouse made of tea bags and “brewed” herself in a hot bath. The blogger published the corresponding video on TikTok.

Jess named her job Тea-shirt, which in translation means – T-shirt.

She added milk and a few tablespoons of sugar to the tea.

It is known that earlier the blogger made a jacket from French fries and Belgian waffles, as well as a pencil skirt.

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@jamworth Reply to @benkielesinski how about now? ☕️ #tea #teashirt ♬ edamame –bbno $

We will remind, earlier the Polish fashion designer Iga Venglinska created unique tops that respond to a person’s stress.

The Sun explains the meaning of the pom-pom on the caps

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