The blockade of Kaliningrad by Lithuania – Russia threatened the EU and NATO

Russia believes that the transport blockade of the Kaliningrad region by Lithuania “unties the hands” of Moscow. At the same time, the Russian Federation threatened the European Union and NATO because of the decision of Lithuania.

He stated that “the impudent trick of Vilnius” cancels Lithuania’s membership in the EU for Russia. After that, Moscow will supposedly move on to solving the problem by any means.

“The European Union, if it does not immediately correct Vilnius’ impudent trick, will itself disavow for us the legitimacy of all documents on Lithuania’s membership in the EU and will untie the hands to solve the Kaliningrad transit problem created by Lithuania by any means we choose,” Klimov said.

At the same time, the Russian official also accused NATO of transport blockade of Kaliningrad, saying that the entire military-political bloc is now under attack.

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