The Birkenstocks, always so popular

Posted Jul 3, 2022, 2:00 PM

The shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock imagines at the end of the XIXe century a revolutionary anatomical sole. While these soles were often made of metal or very thick leather, and therefore not very comfortable, his is made of latex and cork. Its flexibility relieves foot pain while pampering it and maintaining both the heel and the arch. Nicknamed Fussbet (foot bed, in the language of Goethe), this insole is the keystone of the history of the brand which will develop in Germany and in Europe between the two wars. The Birkenstock family publishes at this time a book detailing how the well-being of the foot can radiate on the rest of the body. The brand’s first sandal was designed in 1963 by Konrad’s grandson, Karl. Made in Germany, it became a national icon in the second half of the 20th century.e… and often helps to identify German tourists abroad. Its design, unchanged for more than fifty years, and its extreme comfort have earned it exponential success. Celebrities regularly appear a pair of Birkenstocks on their feet. Actress Frances McDormand even walked the Oscars red carpet in 2019, wearing a yellow Valentino dress and Birkenstock. In recent years, the use of sandals has become widespread, but Birkenstocks remain the absolute reference.

Material Italian or south-eastern European leather for the upper, cork and natural latex for the sole, Birkenstock binds the two together with a particular assembly, without rivets but nevertheless very solid: the upper is trapped between the sole in cork and latex outsole.

Cote As a shoe worn barefoot cannot be shared (like toothbrushes), prefer new models, still made in Germany. Boston, London, Arizona, Madrid, the choice is yours. Model, Arizona bold, 190 euros.

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