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The bill for the small restaurant in Michigan was $ 23, but diners left a tip of almost 90 times that amount and referred to the New Year: $ 2,020.

“Things like this don’t happen to people like me”, waitress Danielle Franzoni told The Alpena News.
The 31-year-old employee received that amount on Sunday at the Thunder Bay River restaurant in Alpena. The receipt included the message “Happy New Year. Tip Challenge 2020”.

Franzoni, who is a single mother and a year ago had no place to live, could not believe the amount, but the manager assured him that it was true. She said she plans to use the money to recover her driver’s license and start saving.
“They don’t know anything about my story, where I come from. They don’t know how difficult it has been.”said the waitress about the couple who tipped her. “They are only doing what comes out of their heart.”

Afterwards, Franzoni herself went to eat at another restaurant and left $ 20.20 on tip. “It’s my way of returning the favor,” he said.

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