“The biggest karaoke in France”, the first great breakthrough of Élodie Gossuin on M6

The ex-Miss France and Éric Antoine co-present a new musical and playful entertainment this evening on the private channel.

What if “The Biggest Karaoke in France” was the entertainment of good humor par excellence? This new concept presented this evening on M6 by Élodie Gossuin and Éric Antoine is a world first: equipped with headphones and a microphone, 1000 participants massed among the public at the ancient theater of Orange sing a title, in communion with the singer, on stage, following the lyrics. In control, a team of experts analyze their voices live and select the 500 best, and so on until they find the winner of the evening. M6 happily plays the nostalgia card by inviting Larusso, the L5, Start of the Evening, David and Jonathan, to sing. These are inevitably titles that we have all sung one day. The viewer can also sing at the top of his voice at home as the lyrics scroll across the screen, like real karaoke.

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Perfect, Élodie Gossuin also plays the role of the special envoy in the stands, meeting those who try their luck: “I make the link, I danced, sang, kissed! I loved having this closeness and partying with the public, it was total“. The atmosphere of madness and joy really shines through the screen and this is one of the strong assets of the “Plus Grand Karaoke de France”: “Yes, I confirm! It was amazing, we took a whiff of love, of joie de vivre, I had the impression of finally reliving what we had missed in recent years, a true and sincere moment of celebration, we forgot that we were doing television. It was magical… Frankly, it makes us look ten years younger with Éric Antoine, we felt like we were with friends»

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“Eric is so generous, I felt protected (…) It’s like with Jérôme Anthony, I’m offered the crème de la crème on a platter. They are both hardworking and caring”

Elodie Gossuin, presenter for the M6 ​​group

The understanding between the two hosts is also obvious to anyone watching the show: “We worked together and not against each otherconfirms Élodie Gossuin. We knew that one could help the other if he had a difficulty, an absence or a technical problem. Eric is so generous, I felt protected, it’s lucky when you’re in duo! It’s like with Jérôme Anthony, I’m offered the crème de la crème on a platter. They are both hardworking and caring, that changes everything.»

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The one who has been presenting “Vive le camping” and “Extraordinary Families” for several years, hosts there, at 41, her very first program for M6: “It’s a great recognition. I felt that I was trusted and that I was turning a corner this year and it started with the concert for Ukraine in prime time on W9 last April. They let me work and offered things… and on 6ter, there are brands that work very well that I present, like the family magazines that will be back at the start of the school year. I just completed a few issues.»

A second number of the “Plus Grand Karaoké de France” has been filmed and should be broadcast this summer. In the process, Élodie Gossuin – who stops her morning show on July 1 on RFM – continues her great breakthrough on M6: from July 11, from Monday to Friday at 10:45 a.m. she will present what the channel announces as her “summer thriller“, namely “Histoires de Familles”, a new daily program on news items, a theme that fascinates French viewers. It is also a change of register for Élodie Gossuin who is often associated with programs “feel good».

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