The biggest focus in the Liberec region is the theater, the audience also got infected in the first place

“The number of positives from this source is currently around ninety. We will test forty more on Thursday in cooperation with the rescue service and we expect further additions, “said Liberec Regional Hygienist Vladimír Valenta.

On Monday, the Šald Theater announced that it would cancel all performances for at least the next ten days. This applies to all theater ensembles. “The most infected are dominantly in the opera and orchestra ensemble, but several cases are also in drama, ballet and among the technical staff of the theater,” described Vladimír Valenta.

According to him, the hygienists managed to find out during the tracing that there were also several diseases among the spectators in the audience. “We have about three cases of people sitting in the front row of the opera performance Jacobin. We assume that the transmission took place in the theater, because in one or two cases it was seniors who did not go anywhere else at that time, “said Vladimír Valenta. The performance took place at the end of September.

“It simply came to our notice then. We cannot offer any performances and we have a number of quarantined employees. For the theater, in addition to canceling the performance, this also means complications with rehearsing the two upcoming premieres – Burian at the Small Theater and My First Jewish Christmas at the Šald Theater, ”said theater director Jarmila Levko.

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