The biggest favorite of Velká Pardubická is the lawyer, bettors are also attracted by the outsider

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The winner of 2017 No Time To Lose is betting in a ratio of 15: 1, Ribelinho, with regard to the odds of 100: 1, can only surprise. The big topic is, of course, the injury of Josef Bartoš, who he cannot defend in the saddle of Theophilus. Jan Odložil will try to represent the three-time winner in the saddle, but he already knows what it’s like to win with Theophilus.

For example, Tipsport accepted the most bets on the biggest favorite of the Great Pardubice and the defender of the trophy Theophilus. Bettors also trust another of Sottovent’s favorites. On the one hand, they make him the overall winner and he also believes that he will finish Velká in 3rd place.

Losses will be in the millions, Müller suspects. The postponement of the Great Pardubice was the last option

“The eight-year-old gelding Sottovento, a trustee of Josef Váni, won the last qualification for the Great Pardubice and its current form could be decisive,” says Petr Karlík, Tipsport’s bookmaker. The biggest outsider of the race is the All Scater with an astronomical odds of 500: 1.

Champion or defense attorney! Sottovento? I trust him the most, Kratochvíl explains the choice for the Great

The black horse of the Sottovento race

“The circle of biggest favorites is known, but Velká is a specific race, so it is always worth paying attention to other horses. Stretton, who is currently betting at a 10: 1 odds, finished second last year and third last year, he will ride with Marek Stromský, at least a bet on placement must be taken into account, “notes Michal Hanák, Fortuny’s main bookmaker.

“The black horse of the race could then be Sottovento, who won the last qualification. On the one hand, it will be his first experience, but Jan Kratochvíl will certainly do his part in the saddle, who knows what it’s like to win in Pardubice, “adds Hanák.

Theophilos will have defended jockey Odložila during the defense

Horse racing is a specific discipline, a number of circumstances come into play, including the weather, so the mood of bettors can change until the last moment. In terms of current deposits, Fortuna has the greatest confidence in about 25% of Hegnus, who lost the race last year due to a last-minute injury, followed by 20% of Theophilus. Tzigane Du Berlais with the highly experienced Jan Faltejsk also has a solid trust of 17%. Undoubtedly, the interest in the largest outsider of the All Scater course, which accounts for about 8% of deposits, is interesting.


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