The Big Apple Donut: Krispy Kreme’s Priciest Pastry Offering

Consumers like to live experiences that are different from the conventional, so every time they notice something new and even better, in trend, they will surely want to try it, and that is part of the strategy of some food brands.

Krispy Kremeone of the best-known donut brands in the world knows this, which is why they have a special themed donut available at their largest franchise location.

Did you know that one of the most expensive donuts in the world is sold in NY? It’s about the Big Apple Doughnut de Krispy Kreme.

Located in the largest Krispy Kreme store, located in the Times Squarethe Big Apple Donut is the most expensive and exclusive donut that the brand has.

The Big Apple Doughnutis so far the most expensive version of a donut in this franchise, since it has a theme and precisely refers to the big apple of NYobviously this version is only available in Times Square, since it has to do with that place.

This donut is characterized by its peculiar flavor, it has an apple glaze filled with cream with a pretzel and its leaf. The cost of it is nothing more and nothing less than 11 dollars (around $210 Mexican pesos), they also deliver it in a small exclusive box so that the experience is better.

Its composition symbolizes the iconic caramelized apples found in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

It has become the favorite of many tourists and citizens who visit the facilities of this store just under the pretext of trying this delicious, unique and world-valued donut.

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On your next visit to New York, don’t forget to visit the establishment of the popular franchise to get yours and try its exquisite and exclusive flavor.


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