the Béziers vaccination center is moving

The Béziers vaccination center change location. He was installed at Zinga Zanga. Those who wish to receive an injection against Covid-19 can now go, since Wednesday, to the convention center, 29 avenue Saint-Saëns, in Béziers. The complex, able to accommodate up to 2,200 spectators, had been transformed into a vaccination center since the beginning of 2020. Up to 80 health professionals took turns daily, seven days a week. For several weeks, attendance was down.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 50,673,439 people have received at least one dose of vaccine against Covid-19, i.e. 75.2% of the total population.

For the vaccination center, an appointment can be made either by phone at 0.800.00.91.10 or via the doctolib platform.

Changes of location

This change of location will also allow Zinga Zanga to find as planned its cultural program starting October 19.

Change of location also in Agde. Since Monday, the vaccination against Covid is now taking place at Saint-Loup hospital. It took place in the premises of the former convention center in Cap d’Agde.


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