The best time of the year ahead of us

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Some of us think that the asparagus season is the best of the year, almost even better than Christmas, because there are wonderful spring days to go with wonderful food. Ok, no gifts. Thanks to thermal foils in the fields, the asparagus season is getting longer and longer, and vegetables could be bought everywhere even before Easter.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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On Thursday, however, the asparagus season “officially” started, provided that this is possible with a vegetable, In any case, it was opened by Rolf Meinhardt, Chairman of the Asparagus Working Group in South Hesse (which is not available) during a visit to a farm in Bickenbach, and the asparagus queen Saskia I was there too. In any case, there is no stopping now – until June 24th, because then the fun will be over again.

But much more began on Thursday. Alsfeld in the Vogelsbergkreis is the first Hessian town to try the Tübingen model – anyone who can be tested there can then go shopping in the shops. One does not want to overdo it, however, more than 600 people should not be tested in one day. So if you don’t live nearby, you shouldn’t plan a Saturday excursion to the beautiful place, it won’t help anyone. In any case, the enthusiasm for such an attempt that flared up two weeks ago has evaporated as quickly as it had come. Dieburg had been selected by the state as another location for this, but has now postponed the introduction.

Proposals for the coalition

What has not yet begun are coalition negotiations after the local elections in Frankfurt; they are still at the preliminary stage of exploratory talks. It just has to be well thought out who will be with whom over the next five years. The Rhein-Main editorial team has decided not to wait that long, and already once in the Thursday edition wrote down which topics are the most important until 2026. Interesting also for everyone who did not make it to the city council.

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And in addition, colleague Florian Balke explains what “Little Easter” on the upcoming Sunday is all about +++ the Frankfurt online broker Flatex-Degiro almost doubled its turnover last year +++ the lower car traffic has increased because of the Last year pandemic also resulted in fewer violations of traffic rules and thus lower fines, the minus in Hesse is around ten percent.

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