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Marketing: Instagram is aiming for a good mix of photos and reels in the future. Below you will find the best Swiss business accounts 2022.


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In 2022, Instagram was all about viral reels. These were particularly encouraged by the algorithm. Also from unfollowed accounts so Instagram can stand up to TikTok.

We now know that Instagram wants to go back to its roots and aims for a good mix of photos and reels. Nonetheless, we can learn a few things from last year.

We have tracked more than 200 business Instagram accounts in one year. We focus on Swiss companies that are mainly active in the Swiss market and therefore mainly have Swiss followers. We have excluded Rolex, Hublot, On and Co, as otherwise it would completely falsify the posting times, for example.

Among the Swiss accounts, @titoloshop swings to the top with more than a million followers. We found something strange and excluded this account for the sake of data homogeneity.

We tracked 201 Instagram accounts, 29,552 posts and 25.4 million interactions. All these accounts have in 2022:

– An average of 2.8 posts per week.
– A total of 451,000 followers have been added (an average of 3,200 around +33 percent over the previous year).
– Generated an average of 2.1 percent engagement rate.

Speaking of which, how important is the engagement rate (in terms of interactions) with Reels anyway? Secondary, because the most important signal for the algorithm is the average view time of a reel. Nevertheless, we measured the interaction rate because it is an indication of exciting content.

What do the most successful profiles do differently?

The interaction rate for the top engaging accounts was 11 percent, for the growth channels 6.9 percent. As mentioned, the average Swiss account has an interaction rate of 2.1 percent.

The growth rates were all at a high 34 percent. Someone should say that you can no longer grow on Instagram. The most engaging accounts grew at +90 percent in 2022 and the fastest growing at +125 percent annual growth.

What are the accounts doing differently?

Post Less: Compared to the average (2.8 posts per week), the most engaged accounts post 1.4 times per week and the highest growing accounts post 2.1 times per week. Quality before quantity? Check out the accounts yourself and decide for yourself.

They post more on weekends and also on Fridays. They rarely post before 7am and more specifically between 10am and 12pm and 4pm and 6pm.

Reels and videos: The fastest growing accounts posted around 40 percent reels and videos, the average accounts 28.8 percent. The growth accounts have posted a third of pictures for this. The general editing spent about half on pictures.

You can find more analyzes including the best posting times here.

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