The Best Storage Method for Honey: Keeping it Soft and Crystal-Free

The Best Storage Method for Honey: Keeping it Soft and Crystal-Free

Honey The Land of Taste

Honey, if you keep it like this you will say bye bye with your little hand to the crystals from now on. He will not harden anymore.

Honey it is a decidedly delicious and nothing short of miraculous food. It is also a real elixir for sore throats. Many love it spread it carefully on toasted or fresh bread, depending on your taste, or on golden and crunchy biscuits. Or even on simple biscuits. Still others use it for make tea sweeter or a cup of hot milk more appealing.

We can also use it to make gods homemade desserts which are also fantastic for a snack. On the market there are sweets, throat lozenges and syrups that exploit its thousand potentials. There are gods true honey lovers and many manuals that explain how it was born and all its features numerous types.

There are usually some at the various festivals specific stalls who often sell it accompanied by jars of very special jam. Among other things at Christmas it is very popular as a gift. In any case, once we have opened it, especially if the package is quite large, it always applies the problem of conservation.

Honey, never store it in the fridge

After all, letting it go bad is a real shame. Actually it would have no real expiration but once opened it cannot be kept in this state for years. The advice is always that of ctry to consume it within a few weeks, at most a month or two. In any case, don’t do it never the fatal mistake of entrusting yourself to a famous and much-loved household appliance while thinking of storing it there.

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Let’s talk about refrigerator. Many Italians, as can be seen on social media, still do it today. And so they risk soon having to deal with a tasteless product, hard as marble and chock full of crystals which in this case are not valuable. Ok, they are not dangerous for our health but However, they are not the best. So where to store honey?

The best honey preservation method

The best storage method to keep it soft and free of crystals

It would be necessary to put it in a cool, dark kitchen area. A compartment in your cupboard is therefore excellent as long as it is away from heat sources such as ovens, ovens and radiators. Also avoid placing it on the shelves near the aforementioned fridge or windows. With this trick you will certainly notice how your honey will stay healthy for a long time.

Clearly too its quality has a great impact in this direction as the fact that, once opened, close the jar tightly and keep it very clean. Therefore, if any splashes of product reach the glass, eliminate them immediately the crustswhich are also unsightly, come on edges of the lid.

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