The best skin protection lies in this vital vitamin

When we go to the pharmacy or perfumery to ask for a cream that protects our skin and keeps it young, we are faced with wide commercial choices. Cosmetics has certainly made great strides in recent years, focusing on millionaire advertising campaigns, with movie stars acting as testimonials. Above all, now, with the arrival of the cold, the skin becomes dehydrated and requires more attention. But, maybe you don’t know that, even by going to the greengrocer’s, you can find a very precious ally for your dermis. The best skin protection lies in this fundamental vitamin, which our Experts point out to you in this article.

Dry and cracked skin

Like all vitamins, even A, the one we are going to talk about, when it is lacking in our body, makes itself felt, or rather seen, through clear manifestations. Speaking for example of the skin of the hands, its deficiency is clearly visible when we suffer from unusual dryness and cracking of our skin. But, unlike other “colleagues”, the Vitamin A it also affects sight and sends us signs of visual impairment. One of the most classic is to struggle to see more than you should, when natural light begins to lack. Or when we are struck by particular reflections of the light.

Where to find it

Don’t be scared though, because if you follow a correct diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, the best skin protection lies in this fundamental vitamin. It is usually present in most of the foods we bring to the table. But if you were particularly reluctant to take the foods that we will now list and that are rich in them, it will be enough to resort to an old country trick: cod liver oil. After having seen the characteristics that distinguish it, here is the list of foods rich in vitamins:

a) carrots and peppers;

b) asparagus and courgettes;

c) strawberries and cherries;

d) grapes and figs;

e) rocket and lettuce;

f) eggs.


Never make the mistake of washing berries with water

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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