The best scorers in the history of the English Premier League, after Harry Kane approached the 200th goal

The star Harry Kane, a team striker, approached spurs Hotspur, from reaching the 200th goal in his career in the Spurs shirt in the English Premier League competition.

Harry Kane scored Tottenham’s victory goal against Fulham, in the match that was held at “Craven Cottage”, in the 21st round of the Premier League competition for the 2022-2023 season.

Harry Kane raised his tally to 199 goals in his Premier League participation, to come third in the ranking of the competition’s historic scorers, 9 goals behind runner-up Wayne Rooney.

Shearer scored 260 goals during his participation in 441 Premier League matches, during his career with Blackburn and Newcastle United, to be the top scorer in the Premier League.

The list of historical scorers for the English Premier League came as follows:

Alan Shearer – first place – 260 goals

Wayne Rooney – second place – 208 goals

Harry Kane – third place – 199 goals

Andy Cole – fourth place – 187 goals

Sergio Aguero – fifth place – 184 goals

Frank Lampard – sixth place – 177 goals

Thierry Henry – seventh place – 175 goals

Robbie Fowler – eighth place – 163 goals

Jeremiah Defoe – ninth place – 162 goals

Michael Owen – tenth place – 150 goals

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