The best podcasts about cars: ‘Everyday Driver’ | ‘The Smoking Tire’

‘Everyday Driver’

Tod Deeken and Paul Shmucker

Available on: Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube


The first podcast worth listening to is “Everyday Driver,” with hosts Tod Deeken and Paul Shmucker. It can be a good introductory program, a good starting point. It answers very practical questions for drivers, such as what is the best gasoline for your vehicle or if your 2-seat car is functional in the winter. It started as a YouTube show and is now a podcast that you can listen to once or twice a week, where they can spread out about the topics and talk about spare parts or any other topic they like for as long as they deem necessary. This seeks to make day-to-day drivers more interested in the proper care of their vehicle and begin to appropriate the automotive culture as their own.

‘The Smoking Tire’

Kevin Madsen

Available on: Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube


Maybe you already know when to change the oil and what is the best way to change a tire. What you want is to listen to well-known and respected people in the automotive world and know their points of view or perspectives on the most immersive issues in the medium. We recommend “The Smoking Tire” to you, where what is described above is the program profile. Downloading it you will be able to hear from characters such as Kevin Madsen, a professional racer, to Bisi Ezerioha, a renowned engineer devoted to playing with the possible limits of speed. You can get hours of content from connoisseurs like them and just expand your own knowledge.

‘Motorcycle and Misfits’

Liza Miller

Available on: Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube


A great podcast to learn and have fun has to be “Motorcycles and Misfits”. With Liza Miller injecting her fresh opinion and her always entertaining sense of humor, she makes this podcast an enjoyable experience. Adding to him the great knowledge he has about motorcycling. He recently obtained the recognition of Friend of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Award, translated to friend of the American Motorcycle Association. She is usually accompanied by an expert or a celebrity. A good chapter to start with is Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead.”



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