The Best Online Quiz Games

Quizzes are games that are popular among people of different ages and professions. This is not surprising because both children and adults love to solve riddles.

In the Game Karma catalog, you can find the best online quizzes that allow you to escape from everyday worries and test your abilities. It remains only to choose!


One of the most popular games in this category, inspired by the legendary TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

As in the original project, the participant will have to answer 15 questions, choosing one of the four proposed answers. As the difficulty of tasks increases, you can use three hints of different formats.

Do not forget to correctly distribute hints so that at the most crucial moment, you will not be left without the necessary help. Ready? Let’s start!

Nerd Quiz

Easy, exciting, and dynamic game created specifically for the ever-curious know-it-alls. At the same time, it is distinguished by simple and understandable mechanics, so you do not have to learn the rules for a long time.

The player will consistently be asked questions with multiple answers. You only need to choose the right one. After you have given the answer, the system checks the task and issues the final result.

No mini-games, additional quests, and difficulties. Only 25 questions, and you will know if you are a nerd.

Wheel of Rewards

Do you like logical TV shows in which you need to demonstrate not only your horizons but also your ingenuity? Feel free to choose this online game!

You will be in the place of the participant of the program. The main task is to guess the encrypted words and get a well-deserved reward. This is not so easy to do because a whole system has been developed.

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First, you spin the drum, on which there are many different sectors. Some of them contain the amount that you can get for the correct answer; others will make you lose everything or skip a turn. Which one will you get? Let’s find out!

Quizzland Trivia

This online game will brighten up family leisure because both adults and children play it with pleasure.

The focus is on the playing field with cards, which is reminiscent of board games. You are offered questions on different topics with several answers, from which you need to choose the only correct one.

An interesting feature of the game: after each question, you will receive a detailed explanation of why this particular answer is correct. Thanks to the game, you will not only check the level of your knowledge but also get a lot of new and useful information.


Another popular online quiz that will allow you to relax after a busy day but, at the same time, not be nervous when, for example, running away from zombies.

Choose questions, answer, and test yourself! But remember that the difficulty of the questions increases from level to level. This will keep you in good shape to the bitter end!

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