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THQ Nordic showed quite a few interesting games. But few of them revealed the release date.

Alone in the Dark – the return of one of the first survival horror films

We’ve seen complete redesigns at several major brands in recent years. They will also be joined by the first part Alone in the Dark from 1992, which THQ together with the Pieces Interactive studio wants to dust off and present it to today’s players in a modern form. We would again look at the Derceto estate in Louisiana.

As in the original game, we will be able to play as two different characters. The gameplay will change from the original, but the rules of survival in this dark building still apply. You have to expect danger at every turn, and you won’t have nearly enough ammo to deal with each one.

Although the setting will be the same as in the original, it is likely that some parts of the story will be different. The game is based on a new script by Mikael Hedberg, who has worked on horror films such as Amnesia and Soma. So it’s not exactly a remake, but as stated by the developers themselves, it will be more of a reimagining.

Gothic Remake – what awaits us in the mines?

We were able to try the first taste of the remodeled Gothic quite a long time ago. Since then, development has progressed significantly, and the developers have obviously taken player feedback to heart. Less colors and a gloomy atmosphere. The new video takes us to an old mine full of dangerous monsters.

We will have to go into its darkest depths where Ian is supposed to be waiting. If we can make it all the way back up with the supplies, then maybe they’ll take you into the party. Other than that, the new video doesn’t tell us much. It’s still true that Gothic is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. Still no mention of a release date.

Jagged Alliance 3 – saving the president

Another legendary brand that showed up at THQ’s presentation is Jagged Alliance. This tactical strategy last appeared with a full-fledged work 23 long years ago. Games have changed in that time, and the third installment is obviously inspired by modern strategies. This time we will be rescuing the president in Grand Chien at the request of his daughter.

So a team of mercenaries is assembled to take on a group calling themselves The Legion. The third Jagged Alliance does not deviate from the tradition of turn-based strategies. Battles are divided into rounds, and with the right tactics you can deal with outnumbered people. You need to make good use of the equipment and abilities of your team members, which you further develop and modify. You can also use the destructible environment to your advantage, which is clearly demonstrated in the trailer.

The Valiant – Crusader strategy

The Valiant is a real-time strategy game from the KITE Games studio that takes us to the 13th century. We will look to a part of Europe and the Middle East, where we will experience the story of Theoderich von Akenburg, a former crusader. He took a break from fighting after his war experiences, but he must return to action once again to face the knights he stood by years ago.

As it is a strategy, it is not the story of one man. You will manage entire groups, build bases and improve your technology and production processes. In addition to the campaign, you will also be able to engage in multiplayer, where in addition to the classic 1v1 and 2v2 competitive mode, you will also find Last Man Standing, in which three players work together against waves of enemies.

Tempest Rising – a tribute to classic RTS

With the next strategy, we look to the future. Tempest Rising builds on the foundations of the genre that were set at the turn of the millennium. So you can expect traditional base building, resource gathering and technology upgrades. Each of the 3 playable factions will differ not only in units. The differences also concern the economy.

According to the developers, the gameplay focuses mainly on the use of good strategy, but will also reward you for precise skill. From the announcement, it looks like Tempest Rising will be multiplayer focused, but there will be no shortage of single player content either. This includes a pair of story campaigns.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – conquering Europe

At first glance, anyone could mistake the new Knights of Honor for games like Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings. Although they have a common genre, the novelty from Black Sea Games approaches the occupation of Europe in its own way. With us, it has plus points just for the fact that we headed to the Czech countries in the trailer right from the start.

In addition to diplomacy, intrigue and the development of one’s economy, warfare cannot be missing. This in Knights of Honor II will take place in the style of real-time strategy, which is not usual for games in this genre. But you don’t have to resort to wars at all if you can find a way to success somewhere else. The main thing is for your empire to prosper.

Outcast 2 – A New Beginning – another return of the legend

20 years after the release of the first volume, Cutter Slade returns to the planet Adelpha to save its enslaved population. Yods resurrected him to restore order in a world where he is once again considered an unwelcome guest. His iconic jetpack is on his back, which we will use a lot while moving through the colorful world.

The jetpack is not the only thing that will be in his equipment. Against enemies, you will be able to build your own weapon that matches your play style. How you explore Adelpha is up to you. The world is open from the early stages of the game, so you can go in any direction to explore. Even in this case, the developers from Appeal Studios unfortunately did not reveal the release date.

Wrecreation – playground for competitors

In this racing game, you will be able to go crazy to your heart’s content. Races spread over 400 square kilometers await you. You will get to your personal playground, which you can customize according to your taste. Wrecreation also promises a great arcade racing experience. Although the Three Fields Entertainment studio has only made a few smaller games so far, members of its team have also participated in games from the Need for Speed ​​and Burnout series, so it might not turn out badly.

In addition to the world, you will also be able to customize your fleet. From prints, to glass colors, to the sound of the engine. For the races, the creators have prepared 16 different radio stations for you. We know from the older popular racing arcades that the soundtrack is a very important part of this genre, so the creators should take proper care in the choice. Like other games, Wrecreation doesn’t have a set release date yet.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – a new adventure from Bikini Bottom

The latest three-dimensional jumper starring SpogeBob has won the hearts of players and reviewers alike. This time it’s not a remake of an older game. The Cosmic Shake is a brand new undersea story. SpongeBob and Patrick get their hands on a mermaid’s tear. With it, they get to portals that lead them through the realms of knights, cowboys, pirates and many other individuals.

SpongeBob also learns new tricks in a new environment. There will be iconic humor. You will always have Patrick with you in balloon form, so there will be no shortage of funny messages. And to make you feel like you’re in Bikini Bottom even more, all the characters are voiced by voice actors you know from the series.

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