The best Nintendo Switch accessories | Overview

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles at the moment. The hybrid console has many ways to play and that brings many kinds of accessories. Some accessories are suitable for handheld gaming, while others focus on enhancing the TV experience. Below are the best Switch accessories per category in a row.

Grips en controllers

Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip | 26,31 euro

One of the biggest stitches the Joy-Cons drop is the ability to charge them separately from the Switch. The grip that comes with the box makes the two Joy-Cons a great controller, but it cannot be charged. Especially if you have an extra set of Joy-Cons, charging the controllers can be difficult. This grip actually solves the only problem the original grip has: it includes a USB-C charging port. With this you can not only play and charge docked at the same time, but two Joy-Con sets can now also be charged simultaneously.

OIVO Comfort Grip | 18,99 euro | 19,99 euro (Lite)

If you have large hands, the Switch can sometimes turn out small when you use it as a handheld. There is little space between the buttons and joysticks, and the latter are also very small themselves. The comfort of the Switch can therefore be disappointing, especially during long sessions. If you mainly use the Switch as a handheld, then the OIVO Comfort Grip is recommended.

The accessory is an asymmetrical grip that can be attached to the Switch. The grip is intentionally made asymmetrical to give the right hand a little more space. This is necessary, because the joystick of the right Joy-Con is very low. The grip is made of light material so that the complete package is not too heavy. At the back of the grip are two more welcome extras. There is a kickstand with a rubber base to prevent it from slipping and five cartridge slots to always have your favorite games at hand. Finally, it comes with some rubber thumb caps to make the joystick experience even better.

Do you own a Switch Lite? Rest assured: OIVO also has a version of the grip for this handheld. They are identical, except that the Lite grip has room for four cartridges instead of five.

Switch Accessoires

HORI Split Pad Pro 49,99 euro

The grips for Joy-Con controllers offer some protection, but not a huge amount, which is also reflected in the material choices. They do, however, provide a more comfortable experience in handheld mode. Still, it doesn’t replace the Joy-Cons buttons or joysticks, which aren’t ideal for long sessions. For the avid handheld gamers who like to play comfortably long sessions, there is a perfect controller.

The HORI Split Pad Pro is a hefty version of the smaller Joy-Cons. The controllers can be pushed into the Switch. The much larger buttons and grip make it feel like you have a real, full-fledged controller attached to the Switch. The controllers are therefore intended for competitive and hardcore gamers. This is reflected in the extra buttons on the back of both sides. These buttons are programmable. Each button can also be put in Turbo mode. If you hold down this button, it will appear in-game as if you are spamming the button – ideal for boring dialogues or other clickable moments.

However, the accessory has a few major drawbacks. For example, the Split Pad Pro does not have HD Rumble, motion controls or an infrared blaster. Also, the controller cannot be used wirelessly. Each half can therefore not be used for a separate player. Nevertheless, the Split Pad Pro is the solution for the avid handheld gamer.

Switch Accessoires

Switch Pro Controller | 59,65 euro

The Switch is ideal for party games and couch co-op. That is why it is important that there are enough controllers to get started with four people (or more). With the Joy-Cons that come with the Switch, you already have one full or two half controllers. You could buy extra Joy-Cons with it. That gives you two full controllers, or four half.

For a finer and more competitive experience, we definitely recommend the Switch Pro Controller. This controller is arguably one of the finest traditional controllers ever made. The controller has well-working motion controls, HD Rumble, a battery that seems to last almost infinitely (about forty hours) and just feels great in the hand. The only difference with, for example, the Playstation and Xbox controllers is that the triggers are actually buttons instead of real triggers. This is only disadvantageous in games where you sometimes only want to press the trigger slightly, such as in racing games. With shooters, however, this button works better than normal triggers.

Switch Accessoires

HORI D-Pad Joy-Con | 22,66 euro

Finally, there is a Joy-Con for the platformer and fighter players among us. The official Joy-Cons don’t have the very best four-point push buttons. Especially for platformers and fighting games, a d-pad in the shape of a cross is more desirable than the separate buttons that the standard Joy-Cons have. HORI has a solution for this, although you do provide some functionalities for it. The HORI D-Pad Controller is a replacement for the left Joy-Con. This Joy-Con has a traditional d-pad, but lacks an IR-Blaster, HD Rumble and motion controls. The HORI Joy-Con also has no battery and can therefore only be used in handheld mode with the Switch. Fortunately, the price is not terribly high either, which makes it a nice purchase for enthusiasts.

Switch Accessoires


Mumba Blade | 22,99 euro

A Switch is often taken on a trip, because it can of course be used as a handheld. That is why it is important to properly protect the console. Even when children get started with the Switch, it is not a bad idea to protect the console. The best option is the Mumba Blade. Mumba is a brand that specializes in case making. The great thing is that this case can be used while you have it in the dock. As a result, you never actually have to take the Switch out of the case and it is always immediately ready to be transported, or – in the worst case – to be dropped by your children. In addition, the Joy-Cons are also detachable without removing the case. Of course, the Blade also provides extra grip on the sides for a slightly more comfortable experience.

Switch Accessoires

Mumba Carrying Case | 25,99 euro

To complete the protected experience, the Mumba carry case is also available. This cover is not only roomy enough for the Switch, 27 games, Joy-Cons and chargers, the Mumba Blade cover has also been taken into account. So double protection!

Switch Accessoires

Mumba Blade (Lite) | 21,99 euro

Since the Switch Lite cannot be placed in the docking station at all, there is a very good chance that this version of the console will be moved much more than the regular Switch. That is why it is very important with the Switch Lite that good protection is present. Given the high quality and good protection of the Mumba Blade cover of the normal Switch, the Lite version is recommended for the Switch Lite. The Blade not only protects the Switch Lite, it also provides more grip on the sides and back. The back is also transparent, so that the beautiful color of the Switch Lite is still visible.

Switch Accessoires

Orzly Carrying Case Lite | 12,99 euro

Mumba offers exactly the same carrying case for the Switch Lite as for the regular Switch. As a result, it can turn out very large with a Lite. The Orzly Carrying Bag is a slimmer model. This simple bag has a handle to hold it, as well as space for cartridges and even power banks and extra cables. The screen of the Switch Lite is also protected.

Switch Accessoires


PowerA charging dock | 20,19 euro

As mentioned, it can sometimes be difficult to charge extra Joy-Cons. With the charge grip there is already one solution for this, but sometimes you just want to have everything charged so that you can always play, even when you have friends over. There are a lot of charging docks of different brands and qualities. For people who often play with a Pro controller, the PowerA charging dock is recommended. This dock has space for a set of Joy-Cons and a Pro Controller. Unique to this dock is that it has a USB piece that goes on the Pro Controller. This piece again communicates with the dock for charging. This means that the controller can simply be placed in the dock, without having to worry about whether the USB port is properly connected to the controller. While gaming, you will not be bothered by the charging piece that can remain on the controller. This also prevents dust from entering the charging port.

Switch Accessoires

HORI Joy-Con Multi-Charger | 26,42 euro

For players who own many Joy-Cons, Hori’s officially licensed charging dock is a better choice. This charging station has space for four Joy-Cons. They are easily inserted, just like with the Switch. the station does not have a screaming appearance and therefore fits perfectly under the television. Don’t forget that the Switch itself can still charge two Joy-Cons, so along with the station, six Joy-Cons can always be charged at the same time. HORI is a company that works closely with Nintendo to make their accessories officially licensed. This guarantees a high level of quality.

Switch Accessoires

HyperX Chargeplay Clutch | 66,08 euro

People who travel a lot and want to play games continuously, even if there is no charging point nearby. Power banks offer a solution, but this means that separate power banks and wires must be taken along. The Chargeplay Clutch from HyperX solves this with a charging case that also provides extra grip. The 6000 mAh battery provides up to five hours of extra playtime. The grips that come around the Joy-Cons can be removed together with the Joy-Cons and pressed together again to form a separate controller. This allows the standard controller grip to stay at home. HyperX has also thought of the weight and added a kickstand so that the Switch can still be placed upright. The necessary lights are also present to monitor the battery status.

Switch Accessoires

Other useful accessories

Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter | 26,99 euro

One of the biggest downsides of both the Switch and the Switch Lite is the lack of bluetooth. With the proliferation of phones without auxiliary ports and the emergence of wireless earbuds and headphones, this is a major loss. There are hundreds of Bluetooth receiver types that can be used with both Switch models, but the Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter is the best choice. Due to its slim size, it is hardly noticeable when it is in the Switch and it even offers the possibility for two headphones or earbuds at the same time. The receiver also uses Qualcomm’s aptX Low Latency codec, which ensures that there is no delay. There is also a set available that includes a microphone.

Switch Accessoires

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter | 15 euro

The 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter is the best kept secret among Switch accessories. This dongle allows a lot of controllers to work wirelessly on the Switch, including those of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii and the Pro Controller for the Wii U Pro. In fact, motion controls are fully supported with the DualShock 4. In addition, the dongle also works for PC, where you can again connect the same list plus Switch controllers. For only 15 euros, this is a great purchase for any gamer with a lot of controllers in the house.

Switch Accessoires


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