the best movies and series to test this week

This week, Amazon is adding new titles to its offering. The catalog is full of good serial and filmic surprises. Between novelties and hidden pearls, here is our selection of films and series to see this week.

Like every month, the Amazon Prime video platform adds new titles to its offer, original series and classics from the 7th. This week, discover our selection of programs to see or review. Between new products and hidden pearls, here is what you absolutely must test Amazon Prime Video this week.

Hanna has been hunted since her childhood. Trained by her mercenary father, the girl will be put to the test when they are both spotted by a CIA spy. Hanna has no choice but to undertake alone, a journey through Europe to find her father and escape those who are chasing her. This adaptation of the 2011 eponymous Joe Wright film is an effective thriller that is not afraid to stray from its basic material. Season 2 arrives in two short days, the opportunity to plunge back into the first episodes.

Welcome to Ohio, where a small town is the scene of strange events. In the 80s, a machine was created to explore the greatest mysteries of the universe, The Loop. Based on paintings by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, the series by Nathaniel Halpern is thought of as a fantastic story about the human condition. Amazon Prime signs here a controlled series and of a rare poetry. Released last April, the series is part of the original content that you must have seen. We will take advantage of the summer to immerse ourselves in this cinematic UFO, which we praised in our review.

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Amazon is using Greg Daniels for its new series, the creator of Parks and Recreation and The Office. Nathan Brown has just had an autonomous car accident and finds himself in hospital, in critical condition. He now has the choice between being saved or downloading himself to an Eden in virtual reality. The series mixes science fiction and comedy with disconcerting ease. The series avoids the pitfalls of sitcom and wins the entertainment bet. We can only advise you. Find our review here.

A little animation in a selection never hurts. Through the story of a shipwrecked man, La Tortue Rouge paints a portrait of a human at each stage of his life. This ecological fable, as beautiful as it is interesting, will delight fans of entertainment, whether young or old. The film won a special prize at Cannes in 2016, in the selection certain look.

François, a young French teacher, works in a difficult college. He does not hesitate to leave the academic framework and push the teenagers to their limits to motivate them. Freely adapted from François Bégaudeau’s novel, Entre les murs is a real realistic and sensitive dive “between the walls” of a class.

We will also note that Chicken Run, which will have the right to a sequel on Netflix, has just landed on the platform. Fans of Malcolm and X-files will also be able to watch the two series in a few days. The program of celebrations in July is available here. We look forward.

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