the best for goodness and environmental impact

The best coffee capsules on the market differ in taste and environmental impact. Here is the ranking with the preferable products.


Many Italians prepare themselves at home an espresso using special machines without focusing on the importance of choosing the capsule. The market offers such a high number of products that dwelling on the quality of each brand becomes difficult. That’s why Altroconsumo decided to draw up a ranking that consumers can consult to learn about the best coffee capsules to buy.

The survey on 24 coffee capsules

To draw up a ranking on quality coffee capsules, a survey was carried out that has examined 24 capsules. Each capsule was subjected to laboratory tests to test for moisture, ash, aqueous extract, trichloroanisole, the presence of ochratoxin A and acrylamide.

A team of experts and consumers then tasted the coffee to evaluate the taste of the product. In addition, the investigation took into account environmental impact and packaging, the type of packaging. Not everyone knows that consuming capsules yields approx six extra pounds of waste per person compared to the use of traditional coffee. The recycling is, in fact, difficult although in recent years manufacturers have been making efforts to use compostable materials.

The final classification of the products

Following the survey described, the product considered to be preferable over all is the Cellini Melodic Intensity 9. The capsule in question received 60 votes out of 100. Illy toasted classic and Lavazza Passionale followed with a score of 67/100. Other capsule coffees included in the ranking for good quality are Vergnano Espresso Arabica, Nespresso Master Origin India, Espresso Casa Segafredo, Lavazza Quality Rossa and Kimbo Espresso Napoli. Finally, Don Juarez (Eurospin) and Gimoba Arabica compatible A Modo Mio.

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How to properly dispose of coffee capsules

After sipping a tasty coffee from the brands mentioned in the Altroconsumo ranking, the time to dispose of the capsules. If I’m biodegradable they can be thrown away in the wet while those in aluminum and plastic are disposed of differently. For the capsules in aluminum the coffee powder must be removed to throw it in the humidifier, carefully wash the capsule and dispose of it in the aluminum. For those in plastic it will be necessary to remove the aluminum tab and dispose of it in the appropriate bucket, throw the coffee grounds into the organic and clean the plastic wrap to throw it into the plastic container.


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