The best apps of week 41-2020 in App Gemist

In the weekly section App Missed you can read which apps from the past week are worthwhile. We always discuss about five apps for iPhone, iPad in Mac. These could be apps you might not have known about or that are useful or just funny to try. And that can also be old-timers who have received a major update and therefore receive some extra attention.

Discussed on iCulture earlier this week:

iCulture App of the Week: Magnets

Widgets are a lonely activity if you can only see them yourself. Magnets solves this with a widget that you can manage by several people. This way everyone can see the same photo. You can use Magnets as a kind of fridge magnet, to remind others which groceries still have to be bought. But you can also just use it to show others which one Apple Watch-band you wear today, or what mood you are in. Holiday photos from days gone by or sharing a sweet message is also possible.

Magnets widget

Magnets therefore offers widgets that you can collaborate with. You create a widget, add a photo and share it with one or more family members or friends. You can invite others through your favorite messaging app. Everyone decides whether to set the size Small, Medium or Large. The app is free to install and works on both the iPhone and the iPad. For urgent messages, it might be better to send a normal text message, because you will not receive a notification when a new image has been set and the switching can also take a while for the others.


With Scribblet you can make drawn widgets, in three sizes. You can draw with the Apple Pencil or with your fingers, using the standard drawing tools from iOS in iPadOS at your disposal. But before you can start you have to indicate whether you want a Small, Medium or Large widget. Scribblet is especially good on the iPad, because of drawing with the Apple Pencil. But on the iPhone it is also handy, because you can put them anywhere on your home screen. This way you can view the small sketches and drawings every day.

Scribblet widgetScribblet widget

If you also want to use backgrounds, such as the rainbow colors on the screenshot, you pay € 2.29 for an in-app purchase. But you can of course also first color your canvas yourself and then draw something over it. The American developer Becky Hansmeyer explains in one blogposting from how the app was created and what the idea is behind it. That can be summarized briefly: just for fun. It is not necessary, but it is fun.

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