The Bergidum Theater opts to lower its prices on advance purchases

He Teatro Bergidum of Ponferrada has enabled the early purchase option with discounts for the theater of the next months in the offer “Wide Fifteen”.

Given that capacity limitations continue to make it impossible to recover the traditional fertilizer, the Bergidum launches the early purchase option for the theater offer in the coming months in an offer that will allow the purchase of seats in January with a seat guarantee and progressive discount depending on the number of events purchased.

This offer includes ten stage performances between the months of February and April for which, between January 11 and 22, and only at the box office, seats can be purchased with a 10% discount for the purchase of 3 performances (9 euros each); a 20% discount for the purchase of 5 functions (8 euros each) and a 30% discount for the purchase of the 10 functions (7 euros each).

As for the scenic offer, this includes, in February, Golfa, by José Padilla (February 19), a work that talks about the education of young people in sexual matters, produced by the berciana Alicia Álvarez, and Dreams and Visions of Rodrigo Rato, by Roberto Martín Maiztegui and Pablo Remón (February 26), a work that portrays a time of dreams and mirages, the party of a country that grew wildly and the hangover that came later.

In March the offer includes Feminism for clumsy, of Nerea P. de las Heras (on March 6), a show halfway between a humorous monologue, theater and personal confession. He March 11, Saltantes Teatro presents MOBA-War Games, by Luis Alija, in Ponferrada, which presents a near future in which wars have ended and in which reality is much more terrible than world peace.

The Girls of Cádiz disembark at the Bergidum on March 18 with The wind is wild (Fedra and Medea in Cádiz), of Ana López Segovia, a reflection, playful and “jonda” at the same time, about jealousy and guilt that was the 2020 Max Award for the Best New Show.

Juan Carlos Mestre and Cuco Pérez star The stars for who works them he March 20, with all the powerful poetic imaginary of Mestre’s writing condensed on stage Cuco Pérez, master in the generation of sound environments. The portuguese Companhia do Chapitô presents March 25 Napoleon (Or the epic complex) that tells, from humor and lyricism, the reverse of the story.

In April, on the 10th, the company Nao d’amores offers in The tragedy of Inés de Castro, by Jerónimo Bermúdez, a drama about political power opposed to love. Neighborhood Theater will bring those who speak, of Pablo Rosal On April 16 and 22 it will be the turn of Perigallo Teatro with Headliners.


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