The Benidorm Fest ranking according to Spotify and YouTube listeners, revised

The question that we Spaniards have asked ourselves the most, who will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023? already has names and surnames: Blanca Paloma. The young woman from Alicante has won the Benidorm Fest and therefore will take the flight to Liverpool (United Kingdom) next May. On this there is no discussion. However, as we were able to verify after the national pre-selection in 2022, taking home the bronze microphone is not everything. Well, the stage of the Palau d’Esports L’Illa de Benidorm has already become a great platform to promote the careers of the artists who step on it.

So much so that, even if a single winner of the contest is chosen, the reality is that all the artists who pass by end up seeing how his numbers of reproductions and subscribers on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube skyrocket thanks to the visibility that RTVE and the contest give them. And this is something that is totally decided by the public, who, in this way, also dictates another type of sentence that, although it cannot determine who is the singer who deserves to represent Spain in Eurovision, yes makes it clear what proposal they can’t stop listening to since they discovered it.

Therefore, to really know which of the eight finalists of the Benidorm Fest has managed to captivate music lovers the most with their candidate song, from LOS40 we have collected the data of listeners on Spotify and views on YouTube that these had minutes before the grand finale began and Blanca Paloma became the woman of the moment. And we warned you that she was not at all the favorite of those who put the Beindorm Fest repertoire on their playlist!

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This is how the Benidorm Fest ranking would look according to Spotify listeners

  1. Vicco (1.784.523 streams)
  2. Fusa Nocta (1,085,260 streams)
  3. Agoney (876.268 streams)
  4. Alice Wonder (781.390 streams)
  5. José Otero (458.717 streams)
  6. Karmento (416.126 streams)
  7. Megara (409.252 streams)
  8. Blanca Paloma (391.597 streams)

This would be the ranking according to YouTube views*

Three of the finalists of the Benidorm Fest 2023. / Getty Images – LOS40

  1. Agoney (758,091 views)
  2. White Dove (576,392 views)
  3. Night Shot (353,128 views)
  4. Megara (333,495 views)
  5. Vicco (280,615 views)
  6. Alice Wonder (246,765 views)
  7. Karmento (165,460 views)
  8. José Otero (93,990 views)

*These data were collected on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. from the RTVE Música YouTube channel, the official Benidorm Fest 2023 channel.

Blanca Paloma, from being the least heard to winning

White Dove – “Eaea” | Benidorm Festival 2023 | second semifinal

Although Blanca Paloma’s proposal is impeccable and will be a great representative of Spain in Eurovision, the data shows that, when it comes to wanting to listen to a song non-stop, it has been the nocturna by Vicco the one that has played the least in a loop on Spotify in recent days, followed by My familythe song by Fusa Nocta, which ended up being the one that received the fewest points in the final of the Benidorm festival.

In fact, the Hey by Blanca Paloma was the finalist song least listened to on this platform up to the time of the gala. Of course, on YouTube things change. And it is that, although the ranking is not exactly the same as the official one of the Benidorm Fest, it is Agoney and Blanca Paloma, second and first classified in the contest, who had the most viewed videos until minutes before the decisive gala began on Saturday 4th of February.

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The official results of the Benidorm Fest 2023

In case, after reading how the rankings would be if what counted were the listeners on Spotify or the plays on YouTube, you need to refresh the official Benidorm Fest score, here we leave you the points table.

  1. White Dove – 169
  2. Agoney – 145
  3. Vicco – 129
  4. Megara – 106
  5. Alice Wonder – 89
  6. Carmen – 80
  7. Jose Otero – 75
  8. Shooting Night – 71

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