As interest in health and nutrition increases, foods eaten raw are also gaining in popularity. When many foods go through the cooking process, their digestibility and absorption increase. This causes them to eat more food and leads to weight gain. In addition, some foods lose their nutrients during processing. I will introduce some foods that are better for your body if you eat them raw.

fruit and vegetable juices

Nutrient absorption is higher when fruits and vegetables are eaten raw. Raw fruits and vegetables contain various nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals, which help strengthen immunity and promote metabolism. It is best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables raw or juiced with no additives.


Seaweeds such as seaweed, seaweed, and seaweed are rich in various vitamins and minerals. The sticky ingredients unique to seaweed absorb and release harmful substances such as heavy metals and cholesterol, which is very helpful for blood vessel health. Seaweed can be eaten in soup, but it is best to eat it raw or dried.


Nuts should be roasted in oil to double their nutty aroma and enrich the taste. However, roasting or roasting nuts reduces their nutrients. In addition, roasting cashews increases calories and fat, while reducing nutrients such as magnesium and iron.


Raw onions contain antioxidants and sulfur compounds that have anti-cancer properties. This ingredient is more effective when eaten raw than when heated over a fire. It is burdensome to eat raw, but eating raw is good for preventing lung and prostate cancer.

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Bell peppers rich in vitamin C. It is said that a lot of vitamin C is destroyed when eaten at high temperatures. In particular, eating red bell pepper raw is said to be good for preventing arteriosclerosis.