The Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera Juice: From Vegan Diets to Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera Juice: From Vegan Diets to Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Many people don’t know that Italy is home to a major aloe vera producer. The city of Martano, in the south of Italy, has been renamed ‘the city of aloe vera’ thanks to the initiative of entrepreneur Domenico Scordari, who planted three thousand aloe trees in the city and then created a supply chain for products based on this precious elixir.

What are the benefits of aloe vera juice?

The pulp of the plant produces a semi-transparent juice with a slightly spicy taste that you can add to your juices and smoothies, for example. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12. This is a valuable nutrient in the production of red blood cells and is only found in significant amounts in foods of animal origin, such as meat, fish, milk, liver and eggs.

In addition, it also contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant substance that facilitates the digestion and absorption of vitamin A, essential for combating free radicals and aging of the skin and cells. Aloe vera is therefore an excellent choice for those who follow a vegan diet and are at increased risk of developing anemia.

Thanks to its well-known soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also suitable for people with gastritis (chronic inflammation of the stomach lining), colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) and in all cases of inflammation of the mucous membranes. This is because it promotes digestion. Thanks to the purifying effect of aloe vera, it is also good for the liver and kidneys, as it helps remove toxins.

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Beware of laxative effect

Many influencers share their morning ritual on social media. Many people start the morning with lemon water, but recently that ritual has been dethroned by aloe vera juice. “My skin has fewer imperfections since I drink aloe vera juice in the morning,” says Bria Lemirande in one of her videos on TikTok. “Aloe vera changed my life,” says Elsa Evelyn. Due to these videos, interest in aloe vera juice has increased enormously. It is not surprising that the hashtag #aloeverajuice has about 7 million views.

Aloe vera juice is also used for intestinal problems because of its antioxidant and laxative properties. It can provide relief to people who suffer from bloating and constipation. Make sure you use it properly, it is really important to read the label when you buy aloe vera juice.

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