The Benedetti-Sarabia case would have stopped Gustavo Petro’s visit to Cesar

The Special Assets Society (SAE) announced the presence of the president Gustavo Petro in the delivery of 3 properties in extinction of domain to peasants of the municipality of San Alberto, south of Cesarthis Thursday, June 1, but the head of state did not arrive at the event.

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The reason for Petro’s absence would be the meeting he had with Armando Benedetti, Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, due to the scandal involving him in the case of Laura Sarabia’s ex-nanny, head of the presidential office.

The babysitter is Marelbys Meza, a native of El Copey, Cesar, who has been involved in the theft of a suitcase with around $7,000 of Sarabia’s house, and, as revealed by journalist Daniel Coronell, also in the loss of $5 million in Benedetti’s former residence in Bogotá.


Coronell published that sources close to the head of the Office told her that the ambassador would be “blackmailing” to the young political scientist for bureaucratic issues, but the former senator denied it.

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In the midst of this situation, the meeting between Petro and Benedetti was scheduled, which prevented the Head of State from being in the delivery of the San Luis, Santa Helena and La Pradera farms, a step in the agrarian reform that seeks to accelerate this Government .

There are 335 hectares where, through an alliance between the SAE and the Alquería company, 11 peasant families will develop a project for the production of milk in San Alberto.

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Official sources indicate that SAE also delivered 30 pregnant cows, 30 calved cows and 30 calves. The event was attended by the president of the entity, Daniel Rojas Medellín, the president of the dairy company Alquería, Carlos Enrique Cavelier, among other officials.

The objective is for Alquería to provide technical assistance and guarantee the purchase of the milk, while the SAE puts three housing units into operation for the families that will be involved in the project.

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“We hope that this is the first productive unit of the alliance between the State, the peasantry and the Vaca Madrina program of the Alquería company. We also want to start this work with more companies that allows us to provide sovereignty not only in milk, but in other agricultural economies with peasant families throughout the country”, assured the president of the SAE.

By Andrea Guerra.

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