The Belarusian technology community will present what is happening in the neighboring country

The online event “Spotlight: Belarus Tech” organized by the representatives of Latvian start-ups will give a name on Thursday, September 17 Belarus technology leaders to gain insight into current challenges and threats. You will also be able to follow the event live on the portal “Delfi”.

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The event is organized by representatives of the Latvian start-up community, but its goal is to reach entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem makers and others not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Ukraine and elsewhere. Spotlight: Belarus Tech will give the floor to representatives of the technology community in Belarus to listen to and learn about the challenges and current issues in the neighboring country, as well as to understand what international support is needed now.

The event will be launched by Paul Liber, creator of the Voice (Goloss) platform, who will focus on the difficult path of the Belarusian technology and start-up community to overcome 26 years of dictatorship.

Libers is one of the most active opposition leaders and has set up a “Voice” platform to compare official election results with votes cast by platform users. In his speech, Libers will talk about its establishment, analyze the results and the immeasurable impact on the situation in Belarus, as well as outline the next steps of the technology and start-up community. He will explain why the votes for Svetlana Tihanovska were not properly counted, why there is a difference between the figures on the “Voice” platform and the official results, and why Alexander Lukashenko could not get 80% of the vote.

Libera’s speech will be followed by a panel discussion “Next Steps for the Belarusian Technology Sector and How We Can Help”, which will be attended by several technology and start-up ecosystems from Belarus, including investor Cyril Golub, co-founder and CEO of and Darya Danilova. Representative of the Belarusian Start-up Center “Imaguru”. The discussion will be moderated by Līva Pērkone, co-founder of “Helve”.

“Spotlight: Belarus Tech” is an initiative of the creative forces of the Latvian start-up community. The event is coordinated “TechChill, Imaguru Startup and Helve, as well as other players in the European start-up ecosystem, including Garage48 (Estonia), Lift99 Kyiv (Ukraine), Startin.LV (Latvia), have joined to help spread information about the event.

“Spotlight: Belarus Tech” is organized in cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) and the ERDF.

It has already been reported that in response to what is happening in Belarus, Latvia has not only included dozens of citizens of the neighboring country in the list of undesirable persons, but has also hurried to identify and entice Belarusian companies, especially those working in the field of information technology (IT).

Almost thirty Belarusian companies – mainly in the field of information and communication technologies – have expressed a wish to transfer their operations to Latvia. 12 of them have decided to transfer their staff.

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