the before after of these stars who have redone their noses

By Mia Harold January 26, 2021 at 6:46 PM

Amended January 26, 2021 at 6:56 PM

Before displaying a pretty straight nose and perfectly turned up, these stars clearly did not have the same face! Zoom in on these celebrities who have opted for rhinoplasty.

Big eyes, small nose and luscious mouth … We often envy the stars for their perfect physique that they flaunt from every angle. But before being a stunning model renowned for her cold, uncompromising beauty or being the most adored actress of directors, some celebrities have come a long way.

Bluffing transformations

During their careers many stars have resorted to the scalpel to change their physical appearance. Breast implants for Victoria Beckham, botox injections in the lips for Kylie Jenner or even modification of the dentition for Celine Dion or Miley Cyrus … They all had recourse to cosmetic surgery.

Among all the fetish interventions of the stars, there is la rhinoplastie. To refine its ridge, reduce the nostrils or even smooth out a bump, the types of cosmetic surgery procedures vary from person to person.

The causes of such a physical upheaval can be numerous: to cure a complex, correct a malformation or respond to the dictates of beauty imposed by this environment where appearance predominates … Stars like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Blake Lively or Marilyn Monroe have taken the leap.

For more celebrity transformations, check out the video above!

Stars who assume their noses

Having an atypical nose is not frowned upon. Sign of charisma and characterit can be a real asset for some people. Despite their celebrities, many people whose noses have often been the target of criticism, have decided to take full responsibility for their physique. And for that, we say hats off to them!

Among these emblematic figures we find international stars but also French such as Sean Penn, Owen Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, Camille Cottin, Rossy De Palma …

Other possible solutions before rhinoplasty

You don’t like your nose and want to have it changed? Already try to correct what you dislike with the help of makeup and the technique of contouring or highlighting. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, it is possible that a nose may appear smaller or thinner.

Even if these celebrity transformations can be tempting, know that rhinoplasty is a heavy operation that requires a significant budget but above all a long reflection. Before hoping for a perfect result, long months of healing will be imposed on you.

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