The beauty behind Kevin / Marcus defeat

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Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marco Fernaldi Gedeone lost in the final to Fajar Alfian / Muhammad Rian Ardianto Denmark Open 2022. But there are beautiful things behind being a loser.

Kevin / Marcus fell 19-21, 26-28 ahead of Fajar / Rian. From the course of the match, Kevin / Marcus were actually more dominant in scoring until the end of the match in the two consecutive games.

But the restlessness in dealing with the end points allowed Fajar / Rian to peek at the gaps in the opportunities and turn them into victory.

Aside from the Denmark Open final defeat and the fact that Kevin / Marcus have yet to continue their title drought, there are positive things that can be learned from the Minions during the Danish Open.

At the Danish Open this time, Kevin / Marcus had a rather difficult path. They face Akira Koga / Taichi Saito, Alexander Dunn / Adam Hall, Leo Rolly Carnando / Daniel Marthin and 2022 world champion Aaron Chia / Soh Wooi Yik to qualify for the final round.

In a series of appearances leading up to the final, Kevin / Marcus managed to escape from critical situations, especially when dueling Leo / Daniel and Aaron / Soh.

Kevin / Marcus had to settle for being runners-up for the Denmark Open 2022. (PBSI Archives)

Seeing Kevin / Marcus’ performance up to the second podium, it can be concluded that the Minions are starting to reach the best level of their skills on the pitch.

Kevin seemed to be moving fast in front of the net and did not allow his opponent to freely control the game. With Kevin appearing fierce in front of the net, Minions can dominate the flow of attacks in front of the opponent.

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Meanwhile, Marcus also has much better covering power than he did in recent tournaments. The impact of the recovery phase from foot surgery seems to no longer be felt.

From body weight, Marcus also looks lighter. This is certainly influenced by the training pattern that he has been able to run optimally again, after previously he could not overload the exercise part because he was still in the recovery period.

The defeat in the final against Fajar / Rian, of course, will still involve a series of corrections in terms of the game. But overall, the gameplay they presented was on track as they wanted.

Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Gideon at the Danish OpenKevin / Marcus looked impressive throughout the Denmark Open match. (PBSI Archives)

Kevin / Marcus can move quickly and dynamically on the pitch. The rotation done by Kevin and Marcus is also quite satisfying and pleasant to watch.

After the first nine months with less than encouraging results, the Minions are being pushed by circumstances to bounce back in the time remaining in 2022.

Marcus’ injuries and foot surgery made the Minions look relatively minimal in 2022. Note that the Denmark Open 2022 is the sixth tournament they are participating in this year.

Even though they are currently in third place in the world, the thing that needs to be focused on the Minions is the leaderboard announcement list on January 3, when the player’s points are fully derived from last year’s tournament results.

If you record results this year alone, Kevin / Marcus only collected 38,490 points until the end of the Danish Open. With the cancellation of the Hong Kong Open and China Open, it was also a defeat for the Minions as they lost their seat to earn additional points at the end of the 2022 season.

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So Kevin / Marcus must be able to continue the good trend in the next tournament at the French Open next week. With the addition of max points, Kevin / Marcus can hope not to drop too far in the leaderboard announcements early next year.

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While improving the game is the main goal that Minions should pursue, the BWF leaderboard shouldn’t be ruled out Kevin / Marcus shouldn’t be thrown too far from the BWF leaderboard, especially the top 32, so that they can actively participate in tournaments top-notch early next year to start.

As the run-up to next year’s Olympics approaches, every double in the world will certainly be more active in participating in the various scheduled tournaments. Kevin / Marcus must be in an ideal position before the Olympics race starts if they are to represent Indonesia in Paris 2024.

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