The beaten Ukrainian model shows how her scars have healed and continues to rest in Turkey – Celebrities – – Entertainment

We remind you that the model accused the beach guards of the resort hotel “Momo” for beating her and a group of friends. The woman also showed a photo of her bloody face and injuries. However, the administration of the tourist area did not owe the answer, defending that the company, with which Kiriļuka was together, had treated the employees aggressively, for which the employees also punished them.

Bloody incident although she has not deterred the model from enjoying the rest in Turkey – she is still there with her loved one and devotes words of appreciation to the country.

“I adore Turkey and its nature! Delicious cuisine and magical sunsets,” the model wrote.

In her comments, Kiriļuka stated that she has no claims against Turkey herself, she has charges only for the specific resort. The woman added that her grandmother was coming from Turkey.

Also in the shots published by Kiriļuka, it can be seen that the wounds on the face have healed, therefore the model poses boldly in the summer shots.

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