“The Beardo government is summarized in a marketing campaign to praise his person”

He municipal group of Vox El Puerto, through its councilors Juan Carlos Sanz and Leocadia Benavente, Has made management balance carried out by the PP and Citizens Government team, and qualifies its management as “a mere political propaganda, leaving aside its municipal obligations “.

Juan Carlos Sanz, spokesman of the municipal group Vox El Puerto, qualifies with a “zero” the management of the Government team. “No budgets 18 months after winning the elections, without paying the Social helps, borrowing the municipal company The Global Port, without Special Plan of the Historic Center, without contract urban maintenance… The team formed by PP-Ciudadanos cannot approve this year 2020 ”, highlights the mayor of Vox.

Given the difficult year that all the people of Porto have experienced as a result of Covid-19, for Leocadia Benavente, councilor of the group, “Beardo has not been able to measure up, and has shown it with a totally uncontrolled summer, with the Local police abandoned to its fate and a few complaints against the City Council for attractions installed Unlicensed”.

“If we continue delving into the null management of the Government team, the list is long, ”says Benavente, since “Most of the municipal contracts have been extended without giving the option of new tenders, the Economic and Urban Planning Area are lacking personal, the meeting of the General Board has not been called, and to top it all, municipal workers are collecting their payroll ”, the councilor insists.

Finally, Juan Carlos Sanz is surprised by “the submission of this government team to the proposals of the left, as it continues to work with budgets and contracts acquired by the previous government formed by PSOE-IU-Adelante ”.

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