The BBC is listening to talks between Chechens preparing to enter Ukraine

The BBC writes that it has received voice messages discussing the Russian invasion days before it actually took place. According to voice recognition, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Chechen National Guard chief Daniil Martinov are speaking. They discuss how the fighters will enter the buildings in Ukraine and what the commanders’ reaction would be when they learned the true purpose of the operation.

Yesterday, a video from the center of Grozny was posted on his Instagram account, where Chechen chief Ramzan Kadyrov broadcasts live, and Kadyrov gave a speech to hundreds of soldiers.

“I will take this opportunity to advise current President Zelensky while he is still current president. Quickly call our president, Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and apologize,” Kadyrov said.

The official purpose of the event is to show that the security forces from Chechnya are ready to take part in the hostilities in Ukraine. In fact, however, some of them have long been located closer to Ukraine, and there is evidence that Chechen fighters are already involved in hostilities. Evidence that the Chechens are near the border with Ukraine in mid-February is available to the BBC.

With the latest recording, the agency got a man who introduced himself as a former employee of the Russian services. Some messages were sent by a person named “Martinov”, as the file name suggests. His interlocutor, also judging by the name, is allegedly a man named “Kadyrov”.

Kadyrov’s voice is similar to that of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. “Martinov”, whom the interlocutor sometimes calls “Daniil Vasilievich”, spoke in the voice of Colonel Daniil Martinov, Deputy Chief of the Russian Guard for Chechnya: in 2020 he came under US sanctions along with the head of Chechnya and said that is proud of this decision in front of the state television channel in Grozny.

An expert from the International Association of Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) analyzed the files and concluded that there was a “high degree of support for the hypothesis” that the messages were recorded by them.

The BBC also gives an example of their dialogue.

  • Martinov: “Chief, I want to apologize immediately, we had no communication, boss, we were constantly in the area from which we will leave with our units across the border … All issues are fully worked out, we have interacted with all special forces […]. We studied the routes that need to be crossed, the route of movement on the other side and directly to work in the city […] We bring with us detailed maps, diagrams, the boys studied everything. “
  • Kadyrov: Thank God that everything is fine with you. We pray for you, good luck, everything will be fine.
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In these audio messages, Kadyrov and Martinov discuss preparations for the invasion of the Chechen National Guard in Ukraine.

The conversation confirms the version of the American intelligence that the Russian security forces were preparing for the invasion of Ukraine long in advance.

It is difficult to say when exactly the conversations took place, but there are dates in the file names. “Kadyrov” once called the date of the conversation and it coincided with the one indicated in the file name.

It is alleged that in early February, when Russian authorities were still officially denying any preparations for war, Martinov called Ramzan Akhmatovich and said that the preparatory work in Belarus was over and he was returning to Moscow. from where he flew to Smolensk, where he was part of “the main group of the Russian Guard with this task.”

In early February, the National Guard did officially announce that the department’s units had been transferred to the western regions of Russia – but to participate in the “Shelter-2022” exercise.

A few days later, Martinov reported that he had just “finished work in Smolensk”, where he reported on all the “moments” that await his part when it crosses the border.

“One hundred percent of all the actions we will take are approved and supported by the leadership. Today I reported in detail how our units will act in repelling an attack if we are ambushed. […] We decided where we would enter, which buildings, what to take control of. “

“Martinov” also informs that from Smolensk it is headed to Bryansk, where “an extended meeting with the commanders is planned”. Separately, he assures his boss that he has not told anyone anything, and the official version, which he will present to his subordinates, is that “Russian-Belarusian exercises are starting and we are participating in these exercises by order of the chief.”

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Martinov assures that he will provide all the information the day before they enter. Earlier, he said he would go to Moscow to get “clean Ukrainian SIM cards” and “special satellite modems.”

By “we” he means “units of the Chechen Republic”.

“It’s good that everything is fine with you,” Kadyrov praised him, adding “don” to some of the words, which is a characteristic feature of the Russian speech on the head of Chechnya.

It is alleged that a week before the Russian invasion, Martinov said the purpose of the operation had finally been revealed to a wide range of commanders and “many were struck by it”.

He admits this from a conversation about Smolensk, where most of the commanders, hearing for the first time all the tasks and goals, listened openly, could barely contain their emotions. “There is a lot of talk among commanders that they will have ‘rejectors’ – those who will refuse to sign.

A few days later, Martinov reported.

“Tonight the first group, plus our advanced group, is advancing to point B, Belarus. And we are advancing with all our staff tomorrow night.” In this recording, “Kadyrov” is driving, Caucasian music is playing in the background, and a certain “Adam” is sitting next to him. “Adam and I are preparing, there is help,” he joked.

It is supposed that on February 23 “Martinov” excitedly announced: “Ramzan Akhmatovich, everything is in perfect condition with us, all our construction teams are fully trained, the hammers are ready, the saws are ready, they took nails with them, they are fully loaded. And they are ready to complete any task in seven hours. “

“May Allah grant that the construction be completed successfully, that a solid foundation be laid so that you can complete the construction,” Kadyrov said.

On the morning of February 24, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine.

“We are ready to fulfill your every task, your every order” – this is how “Martinov” ends each of its voice messages.

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