The Bavarian Police – Traffic Puppet Theater of the Munich Police

The traffic puppet theater has proven to be an ideal opportunity to show the kindergarten and school children in an entertaining and pedagogically “skilful package” correct behavior in traffic.

The puppet with the clap in hand who beats the crocodile – that is the image that emerged in the minds of the first puppeteers in 1965, when they were considering what means they could use to attract the attention of the smallest and most vulnerable road users.

Due to the noticeably frequent involvement of primary school children in traffic accidents, it was particularly important to teach the little ones how to behave correctly in traffic.

Generations of people enjoyed different programs of the Verkehrskasperl several times during their primary school years. He should be funny and playful, but also insistent and persistent the younger road users on the dangers in the
Prepare road traffic.

In the course of time the little ones became more interested in aliens, monsters and mythical creatures and so the traffic jasper went into his well-deserved retirement.

But the traffic puppet theater lives and continues to develop.

In addition to the topics of road safety, the program also includes “The Emergency Call”, “My and Your”, “Good and Bad Secrets” and numerous other aspects of safety, environmental, social and health education.

The conveyance of values ​​such as honesty and courtesy is an integral part of the repertoire of the puppet theater ensemble.

On this basis, a theater play arises with a lot of humor, upbeat music and movements that not only stimulate the senses and imagination, but also invite you to join in. Learning becomes an interactive experience.

The early positive experience of the children in dealing with the police is of great importance. The performance establishes a relationship and creates a sense of togetherness.

You can tell that the students are happy to accept the advice they are given and the greatest reward for the actors on the puppet stage is being able to look into smiling children’s faces during and at the end of the game.

With the traffic puppet theater, the Munich police look after the primary schools in the city and in the district of Munich as well as a small part of the district of Starnberg.

Since it was founded, it has delighted over 2.5 million children.

In order to avoid boredom and to keep the choice of topics up-to-date, a new staging is created every year.

Due to the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, live performances in schools are currently not possible.

That is why an online concept was developed in spring 2020 and implemented in the form of a videocast entitled “Wacki and his adventures”. The first episodes of the series have been available since May on the homepage of the Munich Police Headquarters and on social media (e.g. Facebook). In this way, the preventive offer of the traffic dolls stage is supplemented in a contemporary form and continuously expanded.



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