The battle of couples 3: Jazz and Laurent back in the cast? This detail sows doubt


We told you about it on melty, Jazz could be in the cast of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5 and would settle its accounts with Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault with whom she is at war … A rumor that is gaining momentum on social networks, and which should satisfy fans of reality TV hungry for clashes! And if finally, Jazz and Laurent found themselves in the casting of another reality show available on TFX ? And the couple is already at the head of the JLC Family, their own tv show, they have been working with the channel’s production for several months and could well join the cast of The battle of couples 3, to everyone’s surprise!

Jazz and Laurent in the cast of The Battle of Couples 3?

On the video that the editorial staff of melty invites you to discover above, Laurent confides in his sports training for a month and reveals that he will resume intensively for a very specific reason which he will announce soon. By revealing that he was going to break heads, the candidate suggests that he could perhaps announce his return to reality TV… Unless unexpected news is revealed? While waiting to find out, we reveal you here the huge tackle that Manon Marsault from the Marseillais in the Caribbean addressed to Jazz and Nabilla and that says it all!

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