The Battle for Candidacy: Political Parties Strategize for Elections

News: Political circles say that “the duo is continuing to support Franjieh to the end, and will not back down or think about an alternative plan, and he is seriously looking at Azour’s candidacy and studying how to deal with him.” They deny that “Berry refuses to call for a session. able to ignore invitations to hold a session ».

The circles said that “the discussion moved seriously, by the two parties, to how to manage the battle from within the public body.” And apart from “the votes that the two parties to the conflict assert are guaranteed in favor of this or that candidate, there is a time bomb represented by the deputies who did not reveal their position or those who Their decision is still ambiguous and not guaranteed, and they are the ones both parties are working to win over.

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2023-06-02 02:24:09
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