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For a long time, s.Oliver Würzburg stood up to the house-high favorite Ludwigsburg ?? why the cup game, which was lost 67:78, can still encourage coach Wucherer.

Later on Sunday afternoon, Denis Wucherer was standing behind the town hall in Weißenfels next to the team bus – and still looked a bit annoyed. Even if “three quarters were somehow okay” for him, at that moment the impressions from the last section predominated: “If you throw away the ball six times and only have one assist, you can’t win a game,” said the head coach by Bundesliga basketball team s.Oliver Würzburg, who had just lost his first competitive game of the season with 67:78 (37:41) against last season’s runner-up MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. For the win, said Wucherer, “the relationship between turnovers and templates would have to be reversed”.

You also have to know that after a rather mixed preparation, the Baskets are considered to be outsiders in the Cup group C, in which Bamberg won 74:65 against Wucher’s group favorites Ulm on Saturday. The Würzburg team will face these two teams in Ulm next weekend.

Missed the game? Here you can read the live ticker

150 spectators got lost on Sunday in the Weißenfelser Stadthalle, which offers space for 3,000 spectators and is currently approved for 500 visitors in Corona times. The four qualifying tournaments, whose respective winners will play the cup winners in Munich at the beginning of November, already have a first Covid 19 case. A player from defending champion Alba Berlin, who sensationally won the Euroleague on Friday 93:88 at ZSKA Moscow, tested positive for Corona on Saturday. Which is why the cup game against Braunschweig scheduled for Sunday evening in Bonn was canceled as a precaution. How it will proceed in this case is not yet clear.

Cameron Hunt, brought into the Baskets Bundesliga squad by the ProB team, scored eleven points against Ludwigsburg. Photo: Tilo Wiedensohler

So – with the number of new infections exploding – it could be a really turbulent season for Germany’s basketball players who want to start the new season on November 6th. For Würzburg’s new guard Cameron Hunt, who made a very decent competitive debut, not only because of his eleven points and two assists on the field in just under 25 minutes, it “still feels very strange to play in front of fewer fans”. Even though he – like all his teammates – is happy to finally be able to play properly again after a seven and a half month break.

And the Baskets played correctly against Ludwigsburg for 33, 34 minutes, in which they always acted at eye level, in the meantime also led by eight points and did not allow themselves to be fooled by a seven-point deficit, but came up again. And thanks to a threesome with the quarter-end siren by Joshua Obiesie, we even went into the final section with the smallest possible guidance.

In this then the skins swam away. “Mainly because we didn’t move the ball anymore,” said Wucherer, who believed that his men had acted “sometimes a little helplessly” towards the end. In any case, the 47-year-old was “not surprised that we played well over long stretches”. With his newcomers, of whom he had sent four to the jump ball in addition to Florian Koch (Hunt, Taylor Persons, Zach Smith and Mark Ogden), he could also be largely satisfied when seeing his protégé Jordan Hulls from last year, who played against his ex-club went to the point quite motivated and threw 13 points.

It goes without saying that not everything is going smoothly at the beginning of a season – which of course also applies to opponents Ludwigsburg. Nevertheless: The rebuff feared by some Baskets fans did not exist – on the contrary: the appearance for a good three quarters can certainly give the Würzburgers courage for upcoming tasks.

The statistics of the game

DBB-Pokal, preliminary round group C:

MHP Ludwigsburg – s.Oliver Würzburg 78:67 (18:18, 23:19, 16:21, 21: 9)

Top-Scorer Ludwigsburg: Brown 18, Harris 18, Smith 16 (11 Rebounds), Hulls 13 (3 Dreier)

Würzburg: Persons 12, Hunt 11, Ogden 9 (7 rebounds), Ward 8 (5 assists), Obiesie 8, Koch 7, Downs 6, Smith 4, Hoffmann 2, Albus, Weitzel (both not used)

Rebounds: 40 – 40

Templates: 14 – 15

Fouls: 18 – 24

Turnovers: 14 – 17

Baskets from the field: 39 % (26/66) – 41 % (26/63)

Dreier: 29 % (10/35) – 31 % (5/16)

Free throws: 76 % (16/21) – 83 % (10/12)


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