The base facilities will be expanded into the district’s sports department: Nattu Visesham

The basic structures in the sports sector of the district will be strengthened.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 01:01 am IST

Kasargod: Basic structures in the sports sector in the district of Spore to intervene promptly to eliminate The general assembly was decided in the council. The lack of basic facilities hampers the sporting progress of the district. The meeting appreciated the creation of Tasam. Academies bringing sports stars nationwide The meeting demanded that the government provide financial assistance to Open gyms have started in all municipalities and Panchayat will do With the establishment of the Panchayat Sports Council, every Panchayat The goal is allow a complete sporting development.
An extraordinary achievement in state national throwing competitions RKC Throw Academy Parishilakan KC Girish, Shot Put medal winner Desiya Swa Rna Anupriya, discus throw silver medal KC Sarvan was awarded in the match. Gifts from District Sports Council Chair P. Habib Rahman Excuse me.

The Annual General Corps Yo Held at Collector Gum Zilla Panchayat Conference Hall President Baby Balakrishnan ushered in the event. President P. Habib Rahman chaired the District Sports Council.
The numbers were also revealed. Contacted State Sports Council Candidate TV Balan, District Information Officer M. Madhusudanan, Financial Officer Shivaprakasan Naya R, TPAsokan District Sports Council Vice President, Executive Members P. Anil, TV Krishnan , Pallam Narayanan, VV Vijayamohanan and DYSP VK Vishwambharan were contacted. .

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