The Baltic Foreign Ministers support the decisions of Sweden and Finland to apply for NATO membership

It is convinced that both countries will contribute to the unity, solidarity, cohesion and strength of the strongest and most successful alliance in the history of the world and of the entire transatlantic area at a time when the security environment is becoming increasingly complex.

“To [Somijas un Zviedrijas] “membership will also significantly increase security in the Baltic Sea region, open up new perspectives for Nordic and other regional cooperation in defense and security issues, and provide additional strategic clarity for the benefit of all,” the report said.

The Baltic Foreign Ministers are committed to doing everything necessary to assist Finland and Sweden on their path to NATO, committing themselves to promoting the speedy ratification of the accession protocols once they have been signed.

Finland and Sweden have reportedly refrained from joining the alliance for a long time, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has radically changed the security situation in Europe, and support for NATO membership has skyrocketed among politicians and the public in both countries.

Both Finnish and Swedish officials have now officially confirmed their desire to join the NATO alliance.

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