THE BALL – Rosenborg already ‘rubs his hands’ with millions more for Tengstedt (Benfica)

Mikael Dorsin, sporting director of Rosenborg, commented on the transfer of Casper Tengstedt to Benfica, a deal that was confirmed on the 11th. at €10M and the Trondheim club are already thinking about those three million bonuses.

“The sale of Tengstedt to Benfica was one of the biggest deals in Norwegian football history and Rosenborg’s biggest. It was good, but we also lost a great player. But it was a good deal for everyone and Tengstedt went to one of the best clubs in the world to grow and develop. If he succeeds at Benfica, it will also be good for us financially. It was a positive deal for all parties», commented the leader of the Nordics to the The tip sheet.

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