THE BALL – Rome does not forgive and ‘fixes’ Zaniolo (Rome)

Roma won’t let Nicolò Zaniolo’s attitude go unnoticed and are prepared to, according to the Sky Sportremove the Italian international from José Mourinho’s team until the end of the season.

And this distancing may not even end there, since the yellowish red they will only release him if a proposal similar to that of Bournemouth arrives in Rome, valued at 30 million euros (plus five million in variables), which the Romans accepted but the player would end up vetoing his move to the Premier League.

In the coming months, Zaniolo will then have to train alone, apart from José Mourinho’s squad. On Sunday, a group of Roma fans chased the player by car, even threatening him with death and forcing Zaniolo to flee to La Spezia, the player’s hometown.

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