THE BALL – «Real Madrid offered 50 million to have Mbappé already» (Paris Saint-Germain)

Real Madrid will be available to pay Paris Saint-Germain €50m for Kylian Mbappé’s winter pass, so PSG would have the opportunity to make some money before the player leaves at the end of the season to Zero cost.

Agent Giovanni Branchini, in statements to The Gazetta dello Sport, revealed the move of the Spanish club: «It depends on Paris Saint-Germain. Real Madrid want to have Mbappé immediately and offered 50 million euros. I don’t know if it will work. This initiative by Florentino Pérez deserves attention and is a message of stability for the system. It will be a pity for everyone if a player of this level leaves in the summer for free.”

The renowned businessman also says that the names of Haaland, Harry Kane and Vlahovic are on the table to replace the French.



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