THE BALL – Nicolía fails ‘black’ for title decision at Dragão (Roller Hockey)

Benfica will not be able to count on Carlos Nicolía for the fifth and decisive game of the national roller hockey championship final, at Dragão, on Wednesday night.

At this point, the tie between FC Porto and Benfica is tied for two, but the Argentine hockey player was suspended for two games by the Discipline Council of the Portuguese Skating Federation and, therefore, will not be able to contribute to the eagles.

The reds’ number 5 saw the blue card after exchanging words with Reinaldo García, fellow FC Porto, in last Saturday’s game, in Luz, and ended up seeing the red card after insulting the refereeing team.

In addition to this game at Dragão, Nicolía will not be able, if he continues at Benfica next season, to play in the first meeting of 2022/2023.

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