THE BALL – New episode in the “novela” Icardi (Paris Saint-Germain)

When everything seemed set for Mauro Icardi (Paris Saint-Germain) to solve the problem with wife Wanda Icardi, about the alleged case of infidelity, the striker may have ruined everything with a story on Instagram.

Icardi posted a story on Instagram saying the following: «When you say you feel single on Instagram and at night you come to apologize!! We stayed in Wanda Icardi. I don’t understand.” With a photo of the woman clinging to him on the bed.

Minutes later, he deleted the message from social networks, but he also stopped following Wanda Nara. It remains to be seen if he was the one who stopped following her or if it was the businesswoman who deleted him from her social network.

Wanda Nara was the only person Icardi was currently following, after having erased everyone else he was following.



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