THE BALL – Miguel Braga and the VAR: «Non-change protects those in charge and installed power» (Sporting)

Sporting’s director of communication reiterated the need for the audio between the referees and the VAR to be public to help make football more credible. Miguel Braga cannot understand the opposition that the leonine proposal received from other clubs, namely FC Porto and Benfica.

«Not two months after the Arbitration Council (CA) of the Portuguese Football Federation rejected Sporting’s proposals for the VAR audios to be made public, arguing that “the proposed rules appear illegal, naturally under the law, and inadmissible against the binding guidelines of the IFAB and FIFA”, the Premier League has made it public that it wants the conversations between the referees and the VAR to be available to the world at the end of each game, through the YouTube platform”, began by saying the leader in the editorial of the Leo newspaper.

Miguel Braga regretted that Benfica and FC Porto are also not in favor of revealing the referees’ conversations: «It was not just the CA who was against the public availability of the VAR audios: Benfica and FC Porto also voted against the leonine proposals , saying in favor of them, but using ethereal arguments to justify the opposition by voting against. While in England there is a struggle to change and improve football, in Portugal a tremendous effort is made to keep everything the same. Non-change protects those in charge and installed, installed power wants to stay.”

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